Saturday, April 28, 2012

L I F E.

1. Found the most beautiful cove with amazing rock cliffs. 2. Went to the Phoenix Keating runway show which was amazing and will hopefully be featured here soon. 3. Went to the Shopbop media showings 4. Hung out with my baby cousin who is ridiculously cute. 5. Hung out with my other, not-so-baby cousin. 6. Relived my childhood in the playground. 7. Ate lots of really good food. 8. Found a secret magical koi pond.

Big apologies for the radio silence guys, in preparation for the crazy week I have ahead of me I exiled myself to the central coast for a few days to spend some much needed time with my family. I did however manage to get my butt over to the Torstar Shopbop media showings on Friday though so tomorrow night I'll pop up a post about those.
I thought instead of doing a normal outfit post I'd do a bit of a photo diary with some snap shots of my adventures from the past few days. I guess you guys see a lot of what I wear but not a lot of personal stuff. So, sorry to keep this short and sweet but I'm running on 5hrs sleep with the knowledge that I haven't packed for FW yet looming over me. So I'll see you guys later. Hope you all had fantastic weeks and even better weekends, don't forget to follow us via twitter, facebook and instagram (wrinkleintimevintage) to keep updated on all the fashion week goodness!


  1. LOVE this post.. every photo is cute and very expressive


  2. This looks great. Your baby cousin is adorable.



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