Wednesday, April 18, 2012

C H A M E L E O N.

As you all probably know, from my constant moaning on twitter I don't have a lot of money. I work on a casual basis, own a car that breaks down far too often and have huge school fees. So the large majority of my shopping is done in thrift stores, the rest of it is spent at cheap retailers like Target or Kmart. Whenever I'm feeling a bit down in the dumps I like to allow myself to go virtually crazy, unleashing my desire to shop upon unsuspecting online retailers. Even though I love going into real shops, trying things on and being schmoozed by sales staff, I also love having the freedom to grimace at price tags without being judged (we've all been there, I got sneered out of Burberry once). One of my favourite places to do this is beautiful brands, lovely layout and a really easy to navigate site, the bonus being even though the pieces are high-end the prices are not completely unachievable for someone like me. I spent the often perusing the virtual aisles and allowing myself to grab anything I wanted and collate it into a pretty little picture for your viewing pleasure. It wasn't until I saw it mapped out like this that I realised I had unwittingly assembled two complete outfits with interchangeable accessories, I guess that truly is the pauper student in me coming out. If you're ever bored with a few moments to kill I'd suggest popping over and scouring the racks, and if you're luckier than myself you can take it one step further and click that 'Add To Cart' button.
Finishing off on a completely different note, 11 days till Fashion Week guys! Guess who's freaking out?


  1. Such nice pieces! Window shopping can be just as fun, dreaming up outfits :)

  2. I love the shoes!! =)


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