Tuesday, March 20, 2012

A. F E W. T H I N G S

Just a few little things that I felt were important enough to warrant an entire blog post dedicated to it...plus it gave me an excuse to look at pretty flowers in Photoshop for a while.
I have been lucky enough to be selected as one of nine bloggers who will be exclusively blogging for the new site Street Scholars. Once a week I'll be posting there so if you want to see stuff you won't see here get your butts over there and subscribe. The idea of the site is a collective of girls (and boy) who are not the normal 'fashion kids'. Everyone is a bit different, a bit crazy and I feel really blessed to be one of them.
Secondly, we would like to see you kidlets contributing a bit more around here so, as the picture says 'Ask you and shall receive'. Do you want more outfit posts, less outfit posts, interviews with up and coming designers/photographers/bloggers, interviews with already established 'big name' designers/photographers/bloggers. Do you want to see some more article style posts about blogging or putting together outfits or even current affairs like we used to. Whatever you want put it in a comment, send it in an email, get a sky writer to spell it out for just let us know and we will do our very best to get it for you.
Last but not least a rather important little side note. As some of you may have already heard Google Friend Connect is slowly but surely being phased out. Which means unless you've already got a Google account you won't be able to follow us through this channel. We really don't want the finicky decisions of Google CEO to effect our relationship with you guys so feel free to follow us via Bloglovin' in order to keep updated with all our shenanigans.
Well that's about it for the important and serious business, we apologize for the interruption in our regular programming. Pretty pictures of clothes shall proceed as normal shortly.

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  1. haha I think you last sentence said it best - "pretty pictures of clothes"! I love browsing blogs to see what people are wearing, how they are styling it, and everything in between! :)



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