Saturday, February 4, 2012

T H E. S H O W D O W N

All photos courtesy of Shona Joy.

I love this time of year, you know when all the new look-books start coming out and your fantasies about purchasing items you saw in showings months ago start to become reality. So I was especially excited when the look book for Australian brand 'Shona Joy' landed in my inbox. I love how Shona Joy always has the perfect combination of feminine and masculine. Pairing silky whites with tan suede, check. Long maxi dresses worn with heavy duty hiking boots, done. I think Shona Joy has pretty much nailed it in their latest collection, my personal obsession being that amazing black maxi dress with the delicious gold pattern. The thing I love the most however is how succinct the entire package feels. This isn't simply a bunch of pretty dresses that have been slapped together haphazardly, the collection as a whole just works. Along with gorgeous summer frocks there are separates that go perfectly together but could also be easily incorporated into anyone's existing wardrobe. Fitted blazers, maxi skirts, white blouses, the classic LBD and fitted pants, it's basically every single piece that every single woman needs in her wardrobe. It's always nice when you flick through a look-book and don't feel like every piece is screaming at you for attention, instead all you get is a harmonious balance of statement pieces and perfect basics. 
If it was any smoother, it'd be Kraft peanut butter.


  1. she is such an amazing designer... i love that maxi dress
    your blog is very inspirational by the way :)

  2. Gorgeous photos, I love this lookbook!

    Thanks for visiting my blog ♥

  3. Amazing photos!
    Adore when wearing boots with the dress!

  4. These are such gorgeous outfits! Love this lookbook :) xx

  5. she is a GREAT designer. I LOVE these pieces.... the model looks like kristen dunst to me, so pretty :)


  6. i love this post soo much thnx a lot for sharing it.
    i love outfits like these :)


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