Tuesday, February 7, 2012

B E A U T Y.

So I've had a couple of you asking me about my beauty/skin care routine, and I thought as a nice answer to you all I'd do a little blog post about it! Before we start though I'd like to make it clear that I'm the laziest person when it comes to skin/beauty so if you're looking for a guide on the 'Shortcuts of Cosmetics' this is probably the right place for you.
Also, I feel like I have the right to lecture and shake my finger at you all because I actually have really bad, acne prone skin, so all this advice is coming from my own experiences with having crap, moody, teenage skin!

So for skin care I always feel that less is best. My face is super sensitive so I always try to go for very light, hypoallergenic tested products. For washing my face I use the simplest thing I can get; soap. 'Dove' soap is great, they have products especially designed for sensitive skin and it's not too drying either.

I cannot tell you the number of different toners/cleansers/creams I have tried to keep my skin clear. One day my chemist suggested trying this toner which is just tea tree oil and witch hazel (I swear it was a god send) within a week my skin was looking better than ever! Also I use just a simple benzyl-peroxide cream that is only to be used for spot treatment! This cream could basically dry up the ocean so using it on unaffected areas will physically burn your skin (trust me, I've been there) Pop a thin layer over a pimple before you go to bed and when you wake up that sucker will be more dehydrated than the Sahara Desert.

If you're like me and you have oily skin, I bet you try and steer away from using moisturizer, am I right? I recently learned from my Fairy Godmother Chemist that the oilIer your skin is the more important it is to moisturize. Using a nice oil-free moisturizer means you're controlling the oils that are going into your skin and so your body won't feel the need to generate so much. Again, I recommend Dove. Oil free, hypoallergenic tested and perfume free!

So I'm going to try and wrap this up because this post is getting super duper long! Beauty products! I honestly swear by 'Nude by Nature' foundation, ignore their lame ads with the creepy, borderline pedophilic Russian man, this stuff is GOOD! I also use Natio Mascara, I swear this stuff makes my eye lashes look ridiculously long, I am in love! Annnd for lipstick I like to use a pretty red wine colour by Maybelline!

And last but not least, my scent! Could it be anything other than a little Marc Jacobs? I mean, come on, I've yet to meet a person who doesn't think this stuff smells like a million babies, puppies and fairy floss all in the one quaint bottle.


  1. i love marc jacobs perfumes. i wear lola and oh, lola. xx

  2. I'll have to give some of these products a try! Now following you on bloglovin, follow back if you like!



  3. I've wanted that perfume for ages!

  4. aah that's my favourite perfume ever! i must try nude make up soon, it looks great xx

  5. This is a great post, dear Laura..especially the toner recommendation. I had a horrific bout of acne many years ago, and tea tree oil saved me! Used to work at the cosmetic counters for years, but that was the only effective solution I found. These are such lovely shots with the books!
    And Happy Birthday to your blog!!!
    - Irina

  6. What a lovely post! Those books are stunning by the way;)

    Daisy is definitely on my wishlist! I now of a shop that has it on sale now, but I can't justify me getting it before I finish off some other ones. And just have more room in general.


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