Saturday, January 28, 2012

N O. T H R O U G H. R O A D

Blazer; Blossom. Singlet; Kmart. Pants; Thrifted. Shoes; Rubi.

There is something so incredibly graceful and elegant about dressing like a boy, whenever I feel a little bit blergh I find myself reaching for my best 'Audrey Hepburn' outfit. Simplicity at its best. I have always had a secret love affair with the cigarette pants and singlet combination it's just such a simple outfit to throw together but the effect it has on you is wonderful. Dressing simply 'brings you back to your roots' or something metaphorical like that, I know it sounds cheesy but I always feel super feminine when I'm wearing clothes that are typically associated with male dressing. Maybe it's something to do with a certain empowerment that comes from being able to do something that men can't. I mean I can wear pants and a blazer and not be judged but you can bet there'd be stares if a man walked around in a summer dress. Anyway, we're getting way too deep and meaningful so I'm going to stop and leave you to ponder that.
Despite my best efforts to keep a strict neutral pallet I still found myself grabbing this super bright green blazer as I walked out the door. It has such a flattering fit that it's the perfect addition to an otherwise shapeless outfit, and the colour is preeeeetty. Speaking of pretty, can I draw attention to these wonderful slippers from Rubi shoes? Seriously so comfy and so wonderfully velvety. If I had an estate house with some horses and a butler, I would spend my days lounging around in slippers like this with my monogrammed pajama's and cocker spaniel. Just livin' the dream.


  1. I'm SO glad you mentioned those gorgeous slippers. I filled with envy as soon as I saw the picture! I know what you mean about dressing masculinely - I think it has something to do with the contrast of the soft femininity most women have! xx

  2. I love the masculine inspirarion too. Girls can look all the styles in the world :)

    I love this post, you are looking fabulous as always. Such a cute inspiration.

    See you!

  3. The menswear style is my favorite! I too feel so lucky that we can steal style from the guys. :) Love that blazer and those pants are amazing and fit you perfectly! Thanks so much for visiting my blog and commenting! <3


  4. Dear Laura,

    I haven't visited for a while, I am sorry..
    I absolutely love this post, beautiful photos. This style is so empowering, you are right...always brings Katherine Hepburn to mind..I love it!!
    - Irina

  5. Love that pic of you jumping! :)

    that is an awesome blazer, a perfect addition to a classic singlet and pants outfit :)

  6. Lovely outfit!! You have chosen perfect colours!!

  7. You look so lovely in your Audrey cigarette high waisted trousers! The masculine look doesn't really suit my shape, but you look amazing :) I understand how it makes you feel! xx

  8. I can understand where you're coming from. Personally, I always dress like a boy... That was my crap attempt at a joke. This outfit is basically a list of essentials in every girl's wardrobe. There's nothing better than a good blazer, pair of pants and slippers. Just looking at these photos has me wanting to watch Breakfast at Tiffany's for the 8375935th time. Speaking of Hepburn's films, you should really see The Nun's Story. She's amazing in it. It was the first movie of hers that I watched. Fell in love immediately.

    This comment is becoming almost as long as your post, so I'll stop. This is what happens when you dress like a boy and bring up Audrey Hepburn! x

  9. I love your outfit! Nice pictures!! xx Michaella

  10. Great outfit!! Love the colours and those shoes are amazeee!!

    Drea xo

  11. love the colors and the outfit!!

  12. Lovely outfit.

  13. great slippers - love the green popping through in the black and white photo :) XX

  14. Okay how did you do the flying trick?

  15. Great photos! I love the green jacket :)


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