Tuesday, December 6, 2011


Sometimes I feel that dreams, not the kind you have when you sleep but those burning, passionate desires, are my biggest inspiration. As I said in my last post lately I have been feeling quite uninspired, so I thought instead of posting an outfit I would post some of my dreams. More specifically places that I really want to see in my lifetime, or places that I have seen and want to go back to. I never thought I would be a big traveler, the fact that I'm terrified of flying doesn't help, but after I came back from my Europe trip in May I found myself dreaming about that magical place in the sky. Because no matter what anyone says, there really is no where quite like that still, quiet world that lies above the clouds. 
As well as that, I really found myself falling in love with the experience of living in someone else's world, experiencing a culture that is so dramatically different from your own. Honestly I'm not sure how much travel I'll get to experience in my lifetime, I only work part time and flights are so expensive. But like I said dreaming is my biggest form of inspiration, so this afternoon I went for a visit to Paris, New York, the African savanna, Venice and Machu Picchu. Because inspiration can't be forced, you have to let it find you.


  1. amazing pictures!
    thank u for sharing!


  2. Love all these pics...have been wanting to go Africa myself for the longest time.

  3. ugh these pictures are incredible. i want to travel so badly now!

  4. I'm with you. I'm having a major travel bug issue right now. I want to go everywhere. I just need to find a way to pay for it all.

  5. Oh how I miss this magical place in the sky!!! I used to skydive and I can tell you it's absolutely wonderful! Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog, so cool, now I got to know yours! Like it a lot, will come back! And hey, give Australia a hug from me, miss it a lot, used to live there....

    x Gabrielle


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