Wednesday, December 21, 2011


Such is my excitement over the fact that I'm going to Melbourne soon, I am making a blog post dedicated to it. I've heard so many wonderful things about this city and I've wanted to go for so, so long, so when the opportunity to go basically fell in my lap I jumped at the chance. As much as I love Sydney, because it's my home and I grew up there, I am so keen to get away, to walk unfamiliar streets and have to ask people for directions. I am excited for new streets, new people and new food. And even though I'm only there for four days I feel like it's just the change I need and I'll come back more inspired than ever and ready for a big 2012! If any of you reading this have been to Melbourne or live there I'd love to hear your shopping, but most importantly your eating tips.


  1. Fabulous that you're coming to Melbourne. I would suggest peruse through the laneways , block arcade, and drop by Mister Close or Journal Canteen or Earl Canteen for some great brunch and coffee. Hope you have a lovely time!

    Thanks for the comment, sweet blog
    New post: Tweed and teal

  2. oh lucky you! i wanna go to melbourne too! :(
    great blog btw!

  3. Yay you're coming to Melbourne! when? Okay so shopping depending what style your looking for but defs check out chadstone (only because everyone talks about it!) if your after some really trendy boutique shops and also designer brands come to Chapel Street, also Church Rd in Brighton has some really cute aussie designer shops!

    Food..Lygon Street also check out Hardware Lane in the city, to be honest there is amazing food all over Melbourne :)

    Have a blast! Look forward to reading your post when you get here

  4. nice pictures.

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  5. Travel is always exciting and culture us in so many ways:) gorgeous pics! Enjoy your trip:)!!

  6. beautiful photos !

    thanks for your comment!

  7. melbourne is great! you'll love it :)

  8. Great photos and great blog!!

    xx Magna


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