Sunday, October 2, 2011


If you were granted three wishes, what would they be? (Sent by Maria)
Ok, three wishes this is hard! I have lots of things I'd love to do. Ok, this might sound incredibly cliche but, one of my wishes would be to have enough money to donate to ever single charity that asks for it. I always feel so bad when charities ring my house and I can never afford to.
My second wish would be to own a pair of black Jeffrey Campbell Lita's. You have no idea how long I have wanted a pair, I always put together outfits and think 'You know what would look great with this? Black Lita's'
My third and final wish would be to be able to quit my normal job and take up blogging and writing full time. Ever since I started my blog I have wanted to be able to turn it into my career, I have so much fun blogging so being able to make a living off it would be amazing.

Where do you find inspiration for your blog? (Sent by Bobiska)
I find inspiration everywhere! I get a lot of outfit inspiration from reading my favourite blogs and watching TV shows with great styling! As for my writing inspiration this comes from anywhere and everywhere, sometimes I get inspired by the smallest things, an especially red leaf on the ground, purple storm clouds, clear blue skies, inspiration is all around you if you're looking

Where & how often do you shop? (Sent by Slow Fashioned)
At the moment I don't shop a lot to be honest, my new course and travelling all the time my wallet is well and truly closed. BUT when I do shop I usually stick to cheap chain stores like Cotton On and Jay Jays for basics and I get a lot of my more fancy pieces from my favourite boutique in my town called Pipi's. And of course I do a lot of my shopping at thrift/charity stores. Some of my best/timeless pieces have come from second hand stores. It never ceases to amaze me the things that people get rid of!

How does something make the cut [when you shop], what styles & details do you look for when shopping for vintage? (Sent by Slow Fashioned)
When I'm shopping for vintage for myself, I usually just stick to things that are my own personal style, at the moment I'm crazy about all things 70's and colourful! However when I'm shopping vintage for the store that I sell my pieces through I have to be a bit more selective, I only ever pick pieces that have something truly special about them. Whether this is an amazing pattern or colour, beautiful cut or some amazing lace detailing.

What are some solid vintage staples for people to have a good foundation of vintage style? (Sent by Britt @ Dreamy Spaces)
I think every girl needs the perfect little vintage sundress, I have an amazing bright yellow vintage dress that is just so much fun to wear. I also think everyone needs a great pair of cigarette trousers, they're really versatile and very 50's!

How do you pick venue for the outfit posts, is it random or pre-planed? (Sent by Liz Lizo)
All of my outfit posts are shot at my house! I'm very lucky to live in an amazingly beautiful place so all my outfit posts are shot in my background, with a few exceptions. A couple of pieces I find such as the blue prom dress I wore are shot in specifically chosen locations because I think they're so special!

How long have you had your blog and how did you reach out to so many followers? (Sent by chelseagirl)
I have had my blog since February this year, and can't believe how well it's going! Honestly I have no idea how I've been so lucky, I wish I could give a magic formula but unfortunately there isn't one. I think basically it's a combination of lots of networking, good eye for detail and LOTS of hard work! I may have only had my blog for 8 months but I've worked really hard to make it what it is today!


  1. Really interesting post, I'm so jealous you can take your outfit photos around your house, I'm in the city so I have to try and find places that are quiet and not too far away. It was lots of fun to learn more about you xo

  2. What a great hat!
    And what a great way to get to know you. Thank you for this post. :)

  3. Really great questions and answers! It's always nice to learn more about the bloggers of blogs I read :)


  4. You are so lucky to live in such an awesome place, and congratulations on how well your blog is going.:)

  5. Your hat is fabulous. I love it.
    And I agree with the aforementioned, I am so jealous of where you live, it's such a photogenic place.

  6. This is fantastic! I love all the photos...adorable ^_^

  7. Interesting interview! Love the first picture. Thanks for your comment!

  8. Wow interesting facts, no nice of you to share :)

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