Friday, July 15, 2011


Blouse and ankle socks; Forever New. Skirt; H&M. Shoes; Jeffrey Campbell. Wool blazer; Vintage. Necklace; Vintage

Ok, so to understand the lengths I went to to take these photos for you I have to paint a quick picture; It's about twelve degrees (Celsius), 90km winds and these evil black looking storm clouds are bearing down on my little house. My house is surrounded by mountains so I can literally watch the clouds roll off the top of the mountains and down into the valley, it's pretty cool but super ominous at the same time.
Anyway, so you got the idea? So amongst all this I'm trying to control my hair, skirt and just generally trying to coordinate myself so I don't do the worlds biggest face plant in the middle of the paddock. 
This is my first ever attempt to 'colour blocking' I'm not entirely happy with it, as you can see I'm wearing my two favourite colours a beautiful burnt orange and sunflower yellow. I just wish I could have worn it without the jacket, but hey, like I said...twelve degrees!
But in more important news, you may notice that I am in fact wearing Lita's in these photos, and no they are not fakes they are genuine, bona fide Jeffrey Campbell's. I truly had given up all hope of ever being able to afford real Lita's until I stumbled across these, basically in perfect condition, at Bondi Markets. Guess how much they cost? $35! Lita's retail at around $180, I paid less than a third of that...Bondi markets= My New Best Friend.


  1. The colours work well together. Like

  2. The beige blazer & the mustard maxi sure looks natural despite the weather! LOL Love the skirt so much <3


  3. I really love the colour of the skirt!

  4. The color of that skirt is amazing! I like how you paired it with that peachy blouse, very pretty!

  5. Ps. How is the Nokia fashion corespondent competition going?

  6. I really love your style. It is really unique!

    PS - If you get sick of that skirt I am MORE than happy to take it off your hands....

    Get Up & Go

  7. Showing some blog love via Fan Feature Friday on Shasie's blog. You live surrounded by a beautiful area but I understand about the storms and such. Love the color of the skirt and blouse.

  8. @Kristina Unfortunately I didn't make it through to Round 3, but thats ok! I'm positive one day I'll get to NYFW :)

    @Sarah I can't see myself getting sick of this skirt ANYtime soon, but nice try ;)

  9. That skirt is awesome! I can't believe you luck in finding those Lita's, score!

    Red Mera Vintage


  10. OMG how fabulous is that skirt! Love it! Where do you get it from?

    Ciao xx

  11. @Sh!Z! I got it from H&M :) I don't know why I tagged it as Dotti :P Whoops. (Changing now)

  12. I wanted to thank you again for welcoming me on IFB and I just started reading your blog and realized I really like that blouse! Forever New isn't a retailer I'm familiar with but it's a great piece! Also I love that you use celsius, between living in the states and in Europe, I've never gotten used to Fahrenheit :)
    xx Maria

  13. Yay! Mustard and blush pink are so wonderful together. I recently did a post on it:

  14. i love this color blocking it is sooooooooooooo AWESOME!! you look FAB!!

  15. i love your boots!! i need to get a pair asap ~ i've been contemplating for a while now. thanks so much for your advice on promoting blogs ~ you made some very good points!!
    xo ~ kristina


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