Tuesday, May 17, 2011


Words cannot describe how much I adore this jacket. The cut is magnificent and the pattern reminds me of that contact paper with the 3D patterns that I used to stick on the outside of my schoolbooks. Also, the dress is a stunning tangerine colour which a colour I would live in if I could. Very mod.

You all know how much I love vintage, so imagine my delight when this flowing maxi dress glided down the runway. The floral print in such beautiful pastel colours seems heavily influenced by 70's bohemian and the lace trim just adds that little touch of class.The picture just doesn't do this dress justice because you can't capture the movement of the material in a still frame.

Simple elegance, are two words that sum this up perfectly. A classic maxi dress in a beautiful shade of cream. The sunglasses and the low heel give it a relaxed beachy feel, and I wouldn't have changed a thing about how this was styled.

Ok, so this post is just one example of times where my brain simply stops working. As you all know I went to Fashion Weekend and photographed the shows. Silly me however forgot to note which clothes belonged to which designers so when it came time to do posts I simply didn't know who designed what! So for the past two days I've been scouring the internet trying to figure out what belongs to who, I managed to sort basically all of the photos except for these few. I loved these items so much that I couldn't leave them out though! So if any of you know who these belong to please tell me so I can give them a home! I apologize to the designers whose beautiful clothes have been forgotten!

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  1. I love the maxi! Simply stunning and so versatile! Another great post!

    Love C x


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