Sunday, April 17, 2011


I'd never seen a squirrel before this. I practically died.

(And yes I know Stone Henge technically isn't in London)

My goodness, in the time I've been to Europe I've walked more than I have in my entire life. In Paris on our 'sightseeing day' we walked 22kms. In London on our sightseeing day we walked 18kms. My dad suggested maybe we catch the tube between sights, but me being so stubborn decided it would be fun to walk from one end of London to the other...big mistake. With the constant diversions and blocked roads that resulted in a lot of backtracking I felt like I had waged war with the city of London! At one stage it took us twenty minutes to walk one block!

Anyway so after a LOT of sights and a LOT of walking, my London experience was officially complete. But I'd like to think I won the overall battle with London, I saw, I walked, I shopped, I conquered.

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  1. Walking is the best way to get to know a city, and London is so fun-wish I was there! Also can't believe you got that close to squirrel - very cute. :)


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