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This week we interviewed the positively charming Ashley Ording from 'Fancy Fine'

Well, first and foremost thanks for doing this interview. We're really big fans of your blog so we're so happy to have you! Your blog 'Fancy Fine' is pretty fantastic, what unique quality do you think makes it so popular?

Thank you! As for what makes it popular, I'm not quite sure... but I suppose my sense of humor and the fact that I don't take myself too seriously helps. And, of course, my obsessive love for vintage must help! I think it's the most obsessive amongst bloggers who become the most successful. You have to pretty much live and breathe it.

You have such a unique and whimsical style, what first spiked your interest in fashion?

I think watching old movies as a kid had a huge influence on me as far as my vintage-loving goes. It was ingrained in me early on that there was a way I could dress that had nothing to do with what my peers were wearing. My mom also inspired my love of antiquing and thrifting. She would take me to estate sales as a kid and I would get to pick out little objects to take home with me, like pretty embroidered hankies or a jadite dish. Basically she made me into an old lady!

You also run a vintage shop, also called 'Fancy Fine', what is your favourite era for vintage clothing?

Ack, that's too hard! I've always adored the early 60's but lately I've been obsessed with 30's and 40's styles. But pretty much any era is fair game for me... there are bits of each one that inspire me. If you went through my wardrobe you'd find a pretty varied selection from every decade.

Your blog and your shop are constantly growing and getting bigger and better, whats on the table for you in 2011?

Hopefully great things! And good food, haha. I want to keep expanding the shop and eventually move on from Etsy and create my own web store from scratch, one that would include new things in addition to the vintage. I've always wanted to have a brick and mortar shop but I feel like having everything online right now is perfect because the audience is so much bigger. As for my blog I'm just planning on keeping up with it as I have been, updating daily as much as possible and creating original content. I hope to expand the Fancy Friends feature a bit and find more lovely apartments and closets to photograph because I know my readers love lurking as much as I do!

Your style oozes a certain fairy tale quality that we just adore, and we noticed you did style an outfit around the character 'Madeline'. So we felt the need to ask what is your favourite fairy tale?

It's funny, I've never been one for fairy tales. I do appreciate them, don't get me wrong! But I find myself drawn more to stories of real life, stories that deal with disfunction and sorrow but also the beauty in everyday things. Perhaps that's why I turn to whimsy in my fashion... I've been reading too many downer stories! It's nice to have a balance between fantasy and reality, and in fashion I can indulge in the fantasy. With that said, I have always cherished James and the Giant Peach by Roald Dahl... does that count as a fairy tale?

Ok, scenario time. Karl Lagerfeld calls you and desperately needs you to walk the runway for Chanel, but at the same time the man of your dreams wants to whisk you away for a romantic weekend. What do you do!

Dream Man can wait until next weekend, can't he? If he really wants to get all romantic then he certainly can. So, hello Chanel runway!

You hail from San Fransisco, a city known for its quirky fashion. Can you give us a rundown of typical SF girls style?

The image I conjure up is of a girl wearing skinny jeans tucked into boots, a vintage fur coat over a t-shirt, and giant sunglasses. But San Francisco style is much more eclectic than that, of course... I know so many fashionable ladies and gents, it's almost overwhelming. A friend of mine has been wanting to start an SF style blog that would be on par with something like The Sartorialist and I completely support this. I think San Francisco often gets overlooked as a city of style.

What is your favourite 'moment in fashion' from a movie?

I could name a million, but the first one I think of is the montage from Funny Face where Fred Astaire is photographing Audrey Hepburn in the most beautiful dresses all over Paris. I've seen that movie a thousand times and I always get goosebumps at that part.

If you could travel anywhere in the world right now, where would you go?

Rome! I just watched an episode of Anthony Bourdain's No Reservations shot in Rome and it made me want to visit so badly.

And finally, we've got a quick preference test for you!
Shoes or bags? Right now it's shoes... I've been on a lucky streak!
Books or magazines? Books (but I do love a good stack of fashion mags)
Coke or pepsi? Lemonade for me!
Winter or summer? Summer
Coffee or tea? Tea... Early Grey with a bit of milk

Thanks so much for doing this interview for us Ashley! We hope that we'll be reading your blog for many years to come.

If you aren't already a huge fan of Ashley's blog like we are you can pay her a visit here!
Please note, all photos are taken from 'Fancy Fine' and so all rights belong to Ashley and 'Fancy Fine'.

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