Thursday, March 17, 2011


I personally totally agree with the idea of wearing fur, but only if that fur is my favourite animal in the world, my cat.
But seriously I think my gorgeous cat Smokey is the best accessory to any outfit :)

I got this jacket the other day from the Salvation Army store and I'm in love with it because it makes me feel like some cheerleader from an American highschool and I've always had fantasies about being a cheerleader since I saw 'Bring It On'...I mean seriously those skirts are pretty cool...

Jacket; thrifted vintage. Denim jeans; JayJays. Black collared blouse; thrifted Suzanne Grae vintage. Grey heels; Kmart. Cat; Drainpipe (No seriously he was stray who came out of a drain pipe)


  1. hey, just discovered your blog via IFB and followed on google connect.

    LOVE your style. I'm a huge vintage fan and collector.

    Also, randomly, my best friend had a cat exactly like yours growing up also named Smokey : )

    keep in touch! xo

    Holier than Now

    on bloglovin'

  2. awwww cute kitty!!

  3. Of all the lovely things to focus on, the floors jump out at me. They are absolutely gorgeous. Smokey must have fun sliding on that lovely wood., shop, shop

  4. gorgeous gorgeous I love your house its so perfect :) LOVE that necklace...its so chic and your kitty!!! so cute he came out of a drainpipe.naww x

  5. Yeah, he decided to come live with us one day and he's been with us ever since :)


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