Wednesday, March 9, 2011


Autumn has come and so too has the cool weather...finally! Which means I can start layering again, I pretty much did a happy dance when I got to wear long sleeves. Unfortunately it was quite windy the day I chose to wear this skirt and so I spent almost the entire day walking around holding my skirt down. But oh well!
I've been feeling quite inspired lately when it comes to dressing myself, outfits just seem to come together so easily, and whilst I might lack the natural style of some girls I feel that I do ok for a country town girl.

Skirt; Mink Pink. Floral shirt; Thrifted vintage. Black Singlet; Jay Jays. Necklace; Unknown Brand. Sandals: Unknown Brand.

I'm actually started to get quite irritated at Blogspot because whenever I post pictures the quality always seems appalling yet on my computer screen when I view them on photoshop and edit and whatnot the quality is very high. Maybe I'll have to try saving them as larger files...

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  1. I'm seriously in love with your necklace!!!


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