Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Spasms With Happiness

Ok, so one of the main downfalls of:
A) Being 18
B) Having a causal job at a fledging restaurant that can't really afford to give you more than 1 shift a week
C) Starting a new business
D) Desperately saving for a whirlwind trip to Europe

Is that sometimes, and usually quite often, money is tight.
So for the past few days my pre-paid broadband stick has had no mullah on it meaning its stopped working. So for the past four days I have had no internet, now finally, Tuesday rolled around, I got paid and I have fast internet again! I have been incredibly lazy, partly due to a depression by feeling completely cut off from the world, and haven't taken any outfit posts or to be frank any photos at all! So you'll have to entertain yourselves with these pictures I found that truly encapsulate my happiness:

Oh and by the way, I know what you're all thinking: 'These are just pictures from musicals'. Yeah well....one of the things that makes me super happy is spontaneous, but stylish and well choreographed song and dance, so deal with it....AND costuming in most musicals is, generally speaking, the boss.

Zac Efron in that jacket makes ESPECIALLY happy

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