Sunday, February 6, 2011

A day well spent...

Ok. Well today has so far been quite productive. I woke up to find my mother spirited away to work and I had no clue what time she would be home. So I got myself dressed and drove into town (outfit pics coming soon). I made an attempt to garner more items for the shop with not a huge amount of success. I am yet to find anymore nice dresses yet.

But! What did come out of this trip are some seriously good photos which I shall post ASAP and some essentials I needed for the store i.e some more coathangers and a clothes rack.

So now I am at home by myself struggling with a screw driver as I attempt to set this metal monstrosity up by's not looking good so far.

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So in leiu of me being unprepared and not having photos for you YET. Here are some more Annie.L Vogue shots for you. I think they're pretty killer :)

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